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President’s Address

published: January 10th 2020
by: Chloe Wilson
source: ICA Of Texas

The ICA priorities for 2020 are solid. The first priority will be fending off the attack by the anti-meat supporters. Fake meat products, animal rights agendas, attacks on agriculture facilities, meatless Tuesdays and an internet flood of non-factual information has exploded in our country. We must step up and curb the misinformation that is being spread by activists. It is almost to the point of agriculture terrorism. The activists are being viewed by some as noble defenders of animal rights when in fact they are causing millions of dollars of damage to the industry.             These acts come at a time when the industry has made proper animal husbandry a priority. The use of antibiotics is almost non-existent and proper animal care is an industry priority. With Truth in Labeling laws and valid scientific studies being ratified or published weekly we can and will stem the tide of misinformation that is so prevalent today in society.
    The second priority for ICA in 2020 will be the dissemination of factual and truthful information to our legislators, courts and decision makers in Texas and in Washington. Since many of our leaders are from urban areas, we must get across our message and our situation. This must be done in a peaceful and orderly manner. They must understand rural views on our water, our land and our rural way of life.
    The third priority for 2020 will be to maintain and grow our membership. ICA is over 45 years old. Many of our members are seniors. We must continue to recruit members from our communities both old and young. If we do not, our rural towns and land will be controlled and governed by urban minded “carpet baggers”.
    Our staff, our directors and officers along with our members must remain united and work tirelessly to build up our organization so we maintain a rock hard voice for the cattleman and landowners.

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