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President’s Address

published: October 4th 2019
by: Chloe Wilson
Have y’all been paying attention? The unpopular topic of COOL is gaining momentum.
Country Of Origin Labeling, COOL, simply put is when beef is labeled by where it originated. Cattle born in Mexico, fed, slaughtered, and sold in the United States are labeled as Mexican.
The benefits I find from COOL include knowing where your beef comes from and adding more value to American raised cattle. 
Let me be clear, this is not to devalue imported cattle or beef. I’ll say it again for the people in the back, this is not to devalue imported cattle or beef, but only to add to what we are raising. Unless the value of imported cattle is too high in which case COOL could correct the increased price of a lesser valued product. If all the factors are the same, the market should differentiate the higher value product.
As a producer and consumer, we fought for this regulation, won and unfortunately had it pulled out from under us in December 2015.
The live cattle market saw record highs when COOL was in place. In December of 2015 the market went down. It has yet to recover or touch the prices we saw that year.
Since the Tyson fire, people have noticed the difference in prices for the producer and the packer. It doesn’t add up. Several articles I have seen have said the difference per head is hundreds of dollars in profit from producer to packer. Wow. Why are we so far off from our numbers? The people who helped take down COOL? Feeders and packers. The people making the most money when we are down a facility, the packers. Maybe it’s time we take pride in our product and push for COOL to be put back into full effect to help regulate the higher quality product with greater value.

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