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President’s Address

published: September 6th 2019
by: Chloe Wilson
source: ICA Of Texas

How do you pregnancy check your cattle? For as long as I can remember, we have had our trusted veterinarian hand palpate our heifers and cows. He knows our operation and what we look for in females. He has a lot of power, literally, in the palm of his hand.
    But, what happens when he retires? We live in an area where large animal vets are few and far be-tween. The few that we have may enjoy the large animal side but doing ranch visits doesn’t necessarily fit in with their schedule or their budget.
    Small animals bring in more money.  Simple as that. Your neighbor’s little dog, that is a member of the family, gets sick and takes an easy $800 trip to the vet to be put on allergy medicine. This is a more profitable scenario from a veterinarian’s view point compared to that of cattle and horses.
    Drovers shared an article from that discusses the regret vets have with going to vet school. Over half reported that they wouldn’t go into large animal medicine if they could do it again due to the debt after graduating, the large coverage area and maintaining cash flow with juggling a clientele that is practical rather than emotional when it comes to services.
    Large animals, cattle and horses, are a tool to a business-not a companion like your neighbor’s little dog.
    So where does that leave us? I can tell you what we did. We bought an ultrasound setup. We have an annual heifer sale every September, usually offering 400+ heifers. We saw this as our opportunity to learn how to use our new machine, while following behind our trusted vet. There is definitely a learning curve but with practice we are sure to get the technique down to check pregnancy. It  doesn’t solve all of our problems that will come with losing our vet.
    Shameless plug, our annual heifer sale is set for Sept. 20, 2019 starting at 1 p.m. in Sabinal, Texas at the Coyote Ranch.
    On a more personal note, my husband, Rangler, and I welcomed a little girl, Talulah Jane, on Aug. 14th. Big sister, Eleanor, is loving our new addition.

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