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President’s Address

published: June 14th 2019
by: Chloe Wilson

What a convention! Hats off to the hard working staff of Independent Cattlemen’s Association (ICA), Jo Ann, Sandie, and Bill, for putting on yet another successful event!
    We could not have been luckier to have such a remarkable group of vendors that covered a wide variety of industry specific businesses, Can-Am, Lewis Oilers, Silveus Insurance, Stay-Tuff Fencing, and Datamars to name a few. ICA convention attendees saw familiar faces and made lots of new friends among the vendors this year. To further appreciate them, two vendors, The JC Smith Company and Merck Animal Health re-ceived the ICA Agribusi-ness award. Thank you for all you do for ICA and the industry.
    I can’t even begin to summarize the speakers and the quality of each presentation. I learn something new every year. ICA has consistently been privileged with speakers that are open and willing to entertain any discussion during and after scheduled time. I don’t know if any speaker got away without a continued conversation outside the meeting room.
    A large topic of conversation at convention was the aging industry participants and how to ensure cattle ranching continues. The way that you grew up raising cattle will not be the same for the majority of the further generations but, the necessity to survive will only happen with active participants. So, if you are just setting sail in the wild adventure of ranching or you have been plowing ahead for some time and want to take a more active stance outside of your own fences, please consider joining ICA or any other cattle ranching organization. The world we know can only continue if we choose for it to.
    The ICA convention for 2020 has been set and will take place again in San Marcos, Texas. If you couldn’t make it this year, please consider joining us next year!

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