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President’s Address

published: April 5th 2019
by: Chloe Wilson
Are you currently under the age of 50, working, and raising cattle? Are you under the age of 50 and solely raising cattle? You are a rarity. The average age of people in agriculture is rising and according to the United States Census Bureau that age is 58, based upon 2012 data. Over the past 30 years the age has risen from 50 to 58. So what does that mean for the future of industry?
Age is simply a number and as time passes certain aspects seem to be getting bigger, better, and more efficient. We are accustomed to hearing about agriculture and associating it with food and fiber, but as our Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, has mentioned, we have now added fuel as output.
Our diversity in production, harvesting and distribution is constantly changing and getting better. But, with all of this we still need someone to take over and to actually be present on the farm or ranch. So how are you as a young producer expanding your industry knowledge and protecting your assets?
Our association is a great outlet for such information. ICA is working diligently to keep producers up to date on new regulations and further protecting our way of life from whatever is thrown our way.
If you are not a member and want an organization that you can talk to, please consider joining. The annual dues are minuscule compared to all the benefits you receive.

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