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Not your standard bull

published: July 8th 2022
by: Michael Sturgess

There is a video clip taken on June 16, 2022, of Justice Sonia Sotomayor commenting to an audience about Justice Clarence Thomas. If you haven’t listened to it, I encourage you to do so. The clip begins with Sotomayor saying that she has probably disagreed with him more than any other Justice.

            And then she starts her next sentence with two very powerful words— “and yet.” She goes on to describe Justice Thomas as the “one Justice that literally knows every employee’s name. Every one of them. And not only does he know their names, he (Thomas) remembers their families’ names and history. He’s the first one who will go up to someone when you are walking with him and say, is your son okay, how is your daughter doing in college? He’s the first one that when my stepfather died, sent me flowers in Florida. He is a man who cares deeply about the court as an institution, about the people who work there, but about people.”

            She goes on to say that his vision is different than hers about how to help people. And this is where her ideology and Justice Thomas differ. She goes on further to explain than Justice Thomas believes in an individual’s ability to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. She furthermore states that “I believe that some people can’t get to their bootstraps without help. They need someone to help them lift their foot up so that they can reach those bootstraps.”

            She goes on to explain that those are two very different philosophies. And she is absolutely correct.

            One philosophy leads to the creation of a part of our population that becomes dependent on this assistance. This further leads to the erosion of states’ rights, so that the Federal government can step in to write laws that favor their continued oversight. Pretty soon, this base is big enough to perpetuate itself. And when they need a little boost, they simply open our borders to millions of illegal immigrants, who will become dependent on this assistance, and therefore cast their vote for those who will continue this assistance.

            Roe v Wade has less to do with women’s right to an abortion and more to do with the states’ rights to make these decisions—as it was intended in our constitution. It has more to do with stopping the overreach of federal bureaucracies and more to do placing the sovereignty of our nation back into the hands of the people.

            I saw a quote from President Ronald Reagan last weekend that really hit home for me. “Let the Fourth of July always be a reminder that here in this land, for the first time, it was decided that man is born with certain God-given rights; that government is only a convenience created and managed by the people, with no powers of its own except those voluntarily granted to it by the people. We sometimes forget that truth and we never should.”

            If I had been his proofreader back in those days, the only thing I would have changed to this statement would have been to add two words after God-given rights, to God-given rights and abilities.

            There are Olympic athletes that show us what we are capable of. They constantly break the barriers for the fastest or strongest. They do this with God-given talent and abilities. They work and train hard. They push their own limits to achieve things greater than anyone thought possible. But if they don’t work and don’t train; eat what they want when they want it. Will they achieve those same goals?

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