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Just your Standard Bull-Oct. 28, 2022

published: October 28th 2022
by: Michael Sturgess
source: Southern Livestock Standard

We are now halfway through the Fall bull sale season, and I’d have to say the market has been very good in anticipation of higher projected calf markets next year. U.S. cowherd herd numbers are certain to be down. At some point, the numbers of cattle on feed will reflect this.

            There have been years, if you will recall, that even with lower numbers on feed, that pounds of beef remained steady due to larger carcasses. When you go to killing them at 1,500 pounds, as opposed to 1,250, that makes a pretty big difference.

            But in order to truly take advantage of larger carcasses, we really need to get back to utilizing more heterosis as an industry. That’s right. Good old fashioned cross-breeding! The advantages of higher average daily gains, better feed conversion rates, higher red meat yields and even lower death loss rates come when you utilize cross breeding.

            We are starting to see the feedyards, and even the packers talk more about the advantages of crossbreeding. And I really think it is starting to show up in the bull averages of breeds across the board. Whereas in the past, we may only see increases in one or two breeds.

            For those of you not signed up for Pasture Rangeland Forage (PRF) insurance, the time is coming soon. The deadline is Dec. 1st. But please don’t wait until the last day. In addition to paperwork, we have to make sure we have all your acres and that all these acres are insurable. We will need some time to map these acres and then formulate a plan that works for you. So call us as soon as possible.

            And pay close attention to Brian’s weather column. Especially if you are considering planting ryegrass, wheat or oats for grazing. Some areas of the country may better suited to use those funds on additional hay. Brian does a good job of forecasting so that hopefully you can make better management decisions.

            If we can help you in any way, please let us know.

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