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Just Your Standard Bull-April 28, 2023

published: April 28th 2023
by: Michael Sturgess
source: Southern Livestock Standard

When the dust settles in April, through both flying and driving, I will have set my feet on the ground of the following states: Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Truthfully, this will have all occurred since Easter weekend, so it has been a busy spring again.

            In Texas, I have gone from the drier part of the state to that which is wetter. Everything east of IH-35 and north of IH-10  seems to be in better shape than the rest. I have seen snow still on the ground in North Dakota, cold winds and rolling prairie hills of grass in northwestern South Dakota; it was snowing in Minnesota when I connected in Minneapolis and it was gorgeous weather in Kansas City.

            Then back to Central and East Texas for a few days. It’s getting warmer and greener in these areas by the day. Northern Louisiana, Mississippi, Central and North Alabama seem to be following suit with East Texas, with the exception of more cooler nighttime temperatures. The fescue country in the northern part of Georgia is greening up fast due to good rains. And South Georgia and North Florida are looking pretty good too. However, the further south you go into Florida, the drier in gets. Its kind of like Texas, where West and South Texas are drier than the rest. Florida separates from north to south.

            So, there are still parts of the country that are concerned about moisture. Other concerns about the overall economy and inflation still remain. But there is one unifying reason for optimism across this county and that is the rising prices of calves being sold and the potential for good markets to come. It does one good to hear from so many people out there with a reason to be optimistic for the near future.

            While it is true that we can all turn on the TV and find countless things to worry or fret about, it just nice for a change to see all of you good people with more spring in your step. You want to feel even better? Turn off the TV for a week or two. It’s like going on a vacation and never leaving home.

            Happy trails!

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