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Just Your Standard Bull...

published: May 27th 2022
by: Michael Sturgess

If you know me or have read prior columns, then you know that I am a publisher, not a journalist. In this column you will find opinion. This is not an article with cited sources. Although common decency would dictate to most of us to at least try to not cast stones without citing or referencing one’s source or sources of information. At least one would think…
    No doubt you have heard the hoopla that came about last week when Alabama’s football coach Nick Saban was caught on video stating “I mean we were second in recruiting last year. A&M was first. A&M bought every player on their team—made a deal for name, image likeness. We didn’t buy one player, all right? But I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to sustain that in the future because more and more people are doing it. It’s tough.”
    This statement made brought about Jimbo Fishers’ rebuttal the following morning. If I were to cite all the significant bites of information from his response, I would run out of allotted space for this column! I will suffice it to say it was heated and there were no punches pulled.
    Since that time, there have been many “opinionists” who have come forward with their 2 cents worth on both sides of the argument. Half the crowd has praised Jimbo’s response—the other half say if you’re going to call Saban a cheater, where is your proof? What?
    First of all, to my friends and customers out there that are Alabama fans, let me apologize in advance if I offend you. Alabama is a great university with a great Alumni base, just like Texas A&M.
    But read this if you read no further. Nick Saban should choose his words more carefully!
    There is a lazy narrative out there that many “opinionists” share is that Texas A&M bought the number one recruiting class. The reason that this narrative is lazy is that it is not based upon fact. No cited sources, no proof, no documentation. They believe this narrative because: 1) they had an 8-4 record this year; 2) they have never recruited the number of 5-star players before; 3) the last time A&M won a national championship was 1939; the list goes on.
    When Saban uses the term “bought”, he directly implied cheating. You cannot “buy” a player or “pay to play” a player. Is NIL illegal? Certainly not. Is inducing a player by buying his or her services through NIL legal? Absolutely not. So when the masses demand Jimbo to provide proof that he has cheated over the years, why are they not asking Saban for his proof? The reason is that is doesn’t fit their lazy narrativie.
    According to the Oxford Languages dictionary (citing a source here), to infer is to deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements. For example, one would say “from these facts, we infer that you have cheated.”
    The problem is they are making an inference not based on facts, but rather trying to imply guilt based on the end results. That like saying the only way you could do what you have done was by cheating. Well again—where is your proof?
    We see countless examples of baseless “opinions” these days. Some say social media play a large part in it. I would suggest a larger culprit, the internet, which includes social media. Information at your fingertips! Not always correct information, but information, nonetheless.
    But in the past, at least the coaches tried to stay out of the fray—particularly ones who coach in the same league or division. Which begs the questions for another future column. What has changed to make Nick Saban eager to call out other coaches in public?


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