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Just Your Standard Bull...

published: October 2nd 2020
by: Michael Sturgess

(September 29, 2020) The first of three presidential debates was been described as a brawl—like being on a bucking bronco. The style perhaps lacked appeal to many Americans. And I will readily admit that I caught myself nervously shifting around as I watched it unfold.
    Could there be less interruptions, less talking over the other? Absolutely. Trump was the larger offender in this arena. Understandable, however, when you consider that Trump has been under constant attack by the main-stream media. And despite the fact that Chris Wallace works for Fox, most would not label him as conservative. I certainly wouldn’t.
    On the other side of the coin, Biden was the main offender in the name calling category. Calling Trump a racist, a clown and a liar. He even told the president to shut up. The left will argue that Biden kept his temper under control—so does that mean that name calling is part of his normal demeanor?
    If you were hoping for the major gaffes from Biden, you were sorely disappointed. And if you wanted to know if Biden supported packing the courts, he openly refused to answer. Furthermore, his claim of Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic didn’t ring true, refusing to see the political influence and citing listening only to the “scientists.” It also seemed as if Biden was attempting to separate himself from the far left. He claimed he is for “his” climate plan and not supporting the far left big green new deal. He claimed to be for law and order and supported police officers, yet, when pressed, couldn’t cite a single police organization that has stated support for his campaign. He also claimed that he was the Democratic party.
    Trump came across as forceful and aggressive. He didn’t let the name calling bother him, but certainly had no intentions of allowing Biden get away with what he considered lies. And when Biden did call Trump a liar, Trump stopped him and cited several instances where Biden has been caught in lies. When Biden called Trump a racist, Trump cited times where Biden’s stance on racism was questionable at best. The bad thing about spending 47 years in public service is that you have a 47 year record that can’t be avoided or disputed.
    When asked about whether Trump paid federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, Trump replied “millions.” Of course, he would take full advantage of the current tax codes at the time—just like every other tax paying American would do. Trump then turned the tables and started questioning Biden about his son Hunter Biden’s dealings, of which Biden denied any wrong-doing. So, I propose, we come to the table. Trump can bring his tax returns, when Biden provides proof that his son Hunter has done nothing wrong.
    Trump was strong on the economy, strong on law enforcement, keeping our economy open and running and ur schools safe and open. Both claimed to have created more jobs than the other. But like in the Reagan years, lower taxes creates more jobs and a bigger tax base. Will Biden’s tax increases create more job? Perhaps government jobs—certainly not jobs in the private sector. And Biden’s tax increases will force more corporations offshore.
    But the one thing that I wholeheartedly agree with Biden is this. This is me right now, staring directly into my imaginary TV camera encouraging everyone to get out and vote!

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