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Just Your Standard Bull...

published: May 29th 2020
by: Michael Sturgess

It’s almost 10:00 pm on a Monday evening, and my wife and I are settling down for the night’s rest at a Walmart parking lot in Jackson, TN. No, we’re not homeless. But we now have a second home--one on wheels. That’s right. Recently, we have joined the ranks of RV owners everywhere. So, why are we at a Walmart?
    Well, that’s because Walmart is an all-American company who welcomes the random overnight stay in their spacious and secure parking lots because they know that Walmart is an RVer’s favorite place to stock and restock the coaches coffers. And, if you are lucky enough to find one with fuel, well there is no cheaper place to fill up on gasoline or diesel.
    So, you may ask why Jackson, TN. And the answer is we are heading back from a 10-day stay at our nation’s capitol, where our daughter Shelbi is the proud new owner of an almost 100-year old home. Well, it’s new to her and between her and her mother, it will definitely be a cozy and stylish dwelling. As you might imagine, there are no RV parks in DC proper. However, there is a fantastic park called Cherry Hill Park in College Park, Maryland, who boasts on having the closest RV park to the capitol. I’m inclined to believe them, and they were only just a short 20-minute drive to our daughter’s new home. The park is not only convenient but loaded with all sorts of amenities, most of which were still closed due to the Pandemic.
    My prior experiences with RV’s has been limited to just one other occasion where I went with our good friend Wade Fisher to northern Alabama a year ago in June. My wife recalls trips with her aunt and uncle as a child, so we had very little to go by. But I must say that we both have really enjoyed it so far. There is something appealing about experiencing new things, yet still sleeping in your own bed in your own surroundings.
    And with the current Corona Pandemic, upcoming travel to cattle sales in states like Alabama, Georgia, Florida and others will be a bit safer in an RV than perhaps an airplane.
    For now, it serves as our home away from our home in San Antonio. And right now, at 10:27 PM, it is also serving as my mobile office. I’ve got the internet, wifi, and a printer for my cattle reports for the ranch. And I almost forgot the most important feature of all—air conditioning! That and a fridge of course!

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