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Just Your Standard Bull...

published: April 3rd 2020
by: Michael Sturgess

I have had the distinct privilege of writing co-lumns in various ag publications since 1984. The topics have varied greatly, from livestock related to political to sports related. I have shared with readers my views on the markets to marketing, and from the stock market to the livestock market. From my beloved Aggies to my frustrating Cowboys.
    I would have never dreamed of a time in our history where the nation has come to such an incredible halt during this Chi-nese Corona Virus Pande-mic crisis. Just a few short weeks ago, the economy was soaring, and unemployment was at its lowest rate in recent history. Now, with stay at home restrictions and businesses deemed non-essential be-ing temporarily closed or running at minimal levels, many Americans are worried about where their next paycheck will come from. Many small business owners worry about making payroll, staying solvent and providing for their families.
    We use terms like social distancing. People crossing state lines are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. We are encouraged to work from home, wash your hands more often, cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow, avoid crowded places like public restrooms, buses, trains, airplanes, airports, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events, meetings and conferences. Oh, and don’t touch your face and be careful with shared objects like cell phones, keyboards, pens and pencils, dishes and eating utensils and tools.
    Because we are involv-ed in ag and because we are a member of the press, Southern Livestock Stand-ard is considered an essential business. As such, we feel that one of our primary roles during this crisis is to keep you informed of changes to schedules of sales and events. We will attempt to do this not only through our sales and event calendars in the paper, but also on our website at www.southernlivestock.com and on our Facebook page Southern Livestock. Many of the annual production bull sales have kept to their original schedules. As a whole, they have all been pretty good to actually stronger than last spring. Most of these sales have an online bidding component through DV Auction, Superior, Cattle In Motion, or other services. In most cases the videos on the cattle selling will be available for viewing as much as 2-3 weeks prior to the sale. Remember also, that if you are someone that is considered at a higher risk of exposure, consider going to the sale several days early to view the cattle in a less crowded environment. Many if not most of these sales will have the cattle available for viewing days and even weeks before the sale. You might consider making an appointment to see the sale offering early, then you can buy online in the safety of your own environment.
    We also encourage you to study any current or potential travel restrictions prior to making your trip—especially if the trip has you crossing state lines. Remember that the goal is so safely get to your destination AND return home.
    I have been to several sales so far during this Pandemic, and one of the most difficult things to remember NOT to do is to shake hands. But I can tell you that the elbow bump has really become a thing! It is really hard not to reach out and grab the hand of a friend you haven’t seen in a while, but folks are really making an honest effort to be as responsible as they can be.
    These are trying times. And sometimes our “town” friends don’t completely understand what it is to do what we do. Virus or not, or cows still need to be fed. They don’t take vacations and they don’t have sick days worked into their schedule. Our cows still need calving, and somebody still needs to tag and weight the calves. Our cows need to be bred, which means they need to be AI’d, or put with a bull or both. Which means you still need to buy bulls for your cows. Our calves will still need to be worked, doctored and vaccinated. And despite this Chinese virus, we will still fret and worry about our cattle, leverage them, borrow against them and barter for them.
    Why? To ensure that every American, old or young, healthy or under the weather, in good times or in times of crisis, has a safe, flavorful beef product available to them. We pray that everyone stays safe.

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