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ICA News for July 2022

published: July 8th 2022
source: Independent Cattlemen’s Association

President Brad Cotton's Report


            Howdy friends,

                        I hope all of you are doing well. I am a little early writing this article but it seems lately there isn’t much free time, so I figured I’d write this while I have a chance. If you are getting rain you are fortunate. We have had less than an inch since last fall and it doesn’t look to be getting any better anytime soon. Couple that with the 100 degree days and it is downright miserable.

            I mentioned last month we were headed to Washington D.C. for the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) fly in. Cooper Little and I (both of ICA) flew into D.C. last week and spent several days with some friends from USCA. Good thing I was with Cooper. This country boy hasn’t flown in 15-20 years and my how things have changed. If you don’t have a smart phone you are lost. Checking into flights, ordering at restaurants, Uber, paying for services….. Wow!!!! Anyhow we did make it in and had a very productive week.

            Sunday we hooked up with Justin Tupper, wife Brooke and Lia Biondo all of USCA. We drove south a ways to the home of Dr. Brooke Miller and his wife Ann. They are registered Angus breeders and Miller is the president of USCA. The ranch looks like a scene from a movie. It was absolutely gorgeous with rolling green hills dotted with awesome Black Angus cattle.

            Monday we began visiting the offices of several representatives. We had a great deal of positive feedback. Our primary position was to support the price transparency and discovery bill along with the livestock investigator bill. Both of these bills will go a long way to creating a competitive market for producers and feeders. The more I researched these bills, the more I am convinced they are needed. I have heard some folks say they don’t want government in the market. That ship has sailed. We do not have a free market. The majority of producers are price takers and there is no negotiation on cattle pricing. Whether you like it or not government is involved in our industry. The market will continue to function as it has. The majority of cattle will be sold on contracts but there will be a minimum amount purchased on a cash trade which opens the door for negotiations by the smaller producers/feeders. Better cattle will still be sold on a premium and packers will not be required to pay everyone the same. However the transparency will allow sellers the ability to know what price cattle are being traded at. I am also hearing numerous stories of large feeders that are proponents of this bill also but choose not to lobby for it as their stance may have a negative affect with their existing trade partners. We did receive some pushback from a couple legislators who admitted the system is broke but had no suggestions on how to improve it. Forty percent of the ranchers have left the industry since 1980. To operate status qou could have a devastating affect for ranchers as well as the national security of our food supply.

            I am happy to say we also me with Secretary of Agriculture Vilsak and I came away very impressed. Ranchers definitely have a friend in him. There is a movement under way to bring COOL back to the consumer and his office appears to be on the same page with the American rancher. As we questioned several of the folks on the position they had on COOL the response was “who wouldn’t be in favor of that”? I’ve wondered that for a long time now. Hopefully in the not so distant future the producer will reap the rewards for the high quality beef raised in our country. It doesn’t appear the comingling of beef and selling as a product of USA has many friends in Washington.

            As I stated early on I am really glad I made this trip and hope to go again sometime. Except for Mother Nature in some parts of the country, the future of the cattle industry looks promising.

Until next month stay safe and God Bless.  


Executive Director Cooper Little's Report

Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas’

48thAnnual Convention & Trade Show held



The Independent Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) completed an exciting convention on Friday, June 24th. The 48th annual convention was held at the City of San Marcos Convention Center in San Marcos, Texas.  Activities at the convention included: an entertaining evening with well-known comedian, William Lee Martin, live music performed by the Clay Hollis Band, and Isaac Jacob, educational speakers, our ICA Legacy & Legends Awards Luncheon, a silent and live auction, the drawdown fundraiser and concluded with a pasture and range forage presentation, along with the option to receive CEU credits from this session.


Convention started on Wednesday morning with registration check in, then carried on throughout the day with educational speakers and into the evening with our dinner, comedian, and live music entertainment. Thursday morning sessions kicked off again and were in full swing all day. Some of the sessions included our ICA Cattlemen’s Panel that had several well-versed industry representatives who shared their opinion on different industry related topics. We were delighted to have Texas Agriculture Commissioner; Sid Miller joins us via zoom during our luncheon to share some insight on his trip to London, where he was currently in the middle of regarding a trade mission. Miller was also our keynote speaker for our luncheon that we held during Thursday, where we had the opportunity to award several scholarships and awards to outstanding members and youth of ICA. We were also honored to have the United States Cattlemen’s Association President, Brooke Miller join us to give updates on issues that are currently taking place in Washington D.C. and he was also able to answer questions during a Q&A session regarding current industry happenings. The day concluded with the annual drawdown fundraiser, live auction and silent auction. The winner of the drawdown was Chuck Kiker from Beaumont, Texas. He received a brand-new Can-Am D-9 Defender donated by Atzenhoffer’s Velocity Powersports located in Victoria, Texas.


Friday morning, the tradeshow ended, a presentation was held over pasture and range forage, and CEU credits were offered to those who attended the session. Convention concluded after a presentation from a DV Auction commercial cattle manager and livestock market analyst.


Our award winners from the Legacy & Legends luncheon are as follows.

Trail Blazer Awards: Jim Marsh, Michael Ehrig, Dr. James Tiemann, Chase Kiker, Marvin Boeck, Thomas Jackson, Jr., and Kimberly Ratcliff.

Steffany Lynn Sklar Memorial Scholarship Winners:  Phoebe Hampton, Sarah Trim, Kourtney Winkler, Keely Williams, Hadley Harris, Bennett Janssen and Drew Alexander.


Dr. Joe Paschal's Column


Entomology 101: Pasture and cattle insects

I was very pleased to participate in the 2022 Independent Cattlemen’s Association’s Annual Meeting with Dr. Noel Troxclair, Uvalde County Extension Agent, and entomologist. Troxclair discussed pasture insect pests. I had no idea that there was a difference between Army Worms and Fall Army Worms or that there were so many different species of grasshoppers!

I have always thought that entomologists have a sense of humor, especially in naming insects, imagine these – Big Headed, Red Legged, Two Striped grasshoppers! He also covered updates on the Bermudagrass Stem Maggot, first identified over a dozen years ago in Victoria County by County Extension Agent Joe Janak and Dr. Roy Parker, Extension entomologist emeritus, both now retired.

Troxclair also presented information on ways to identify these pests and how to determine the numbers by sampling and when and how to control them. He also covered the pesticides that could be used to control them as well as cost and effectiveness.

I covered the identification and control of external parasites of cattle using traditional pesticides as well as cultural practices. The parasite that has the greatest impact is still the horn fly. The fact that it reproduces in fresh manure almost guarantees we will always have them. Fortunately, not all of the eggs laid hatch and external treatments (tags, pour-ons, sprays, etc.) and feed additives (both insecticides as well as growth regulators) can be used in combination to keep the number of flies under control. The sheer number of flies and the number of blood meals each one takes (over 20 per day) can cause a significant problem and they can transmit diseases and parasites and cause horn fly allergies which cause cattle to rub their hides raw because of the itching. Pasture rotation and breaking up manure piles by dragging pastures can reduce but not eliminate populations.

There are other external parasites of cattle that are important, the “armored” flies like the stable and horse flies and of course ticks and lice that can transmit several diseases and it important to be able to identify them and then select the proper control method or product. Many of these require litter or wet areas of leaves or bedding to reproduce so cleaning up these areas reduce the use of pesticides and infestations by these parasites.

If you would like more information on either of these presentations, contact me.



Chapter Happenings



Mid-Tex ICA Chapter

Mid-Tex I.C.A. Chapter is sponsoring a meet and greet on July 26th, 2022 at the ICA State Office in Lockhart, located at 220 W. San Antonio St.  Dr. Bill Selman will be the guest speaker with an update on livestock antibiotic law changes and more.

We invite members and prospects to come and partake in the refreshments that will be provided. Door prizes and cold beer will also add fun to the evening. Please RSVP to the ICA State Office by July 20th at 512-620-0162 or email: TICA@ICATexas.com

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Gonzales ICA Chapter 

The Gonzales Chapter was represented at the ICA Annual Convention by 14 members. The chapter also has resumed its regular membership meeting schedule in 2022.

In February, president Perry Winegeart and the members welcomed ICA President Brad Cotton, ICA Board Member Glen Tate  and ICA Executive Director Cooper Little. Dr. Joe Paschal gave the program, speaking on parasite control. The program in May was focused on brush management, delivered by Rachel Hinton representing Cortera.


Guada-Coma ICA Chapter 


Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year but my eyes at the 48th Annual ICA Convention was Greg Seidenberger. His insights into what is happening in Guadalupe County is an eye opener. He understands the logic of what is going on at a county and state level.  He writes that Guadalupe County is growing rapidly.  Lots of farm and ranch land is turning into residential housing.  Challenges to ag producers includes more traffic on country roads and less patience from drivers when we pull trailers or drive tractors. We can’t stop progress or housing developments but we can be extra cautious driving and hauling. Contact your state representative or senator and encourage them to budget for and direct TXDot to make repairs and improvements to FM roads especially here in South Texas. Metropolitan areas seem to get the most funding for roadwork.--understandable for population and traffic.  But if we don’t invest in FM roads, we face safety issues and potential supply chain shortages if we cannot safely and efficiently get our feed and animals to market.”


Regarding scholarship awards, Seidenberger also addressed why they are important. “We need to help our young folks realize their dream and become well educated.  Our support, our encouragement and certainly our example are critical in shaping their future.  These youth will be our leaders, our farmers and ranchers and ICA members, who will sustain this organization.  Thanks to incredible volunteers and generous donors we in local chapters and at state level are able to offer scholarships for these young people.  Someday from the comfort of our rocking chairs we may watch them take the reins of our ag operations and our ICA.”


Marvin Boeck, one of our directors, received his 2022 Trailblazer Award at the convention from our chapter.  He is rich in knowledge of agriculture.  He is also a Farm Bureau director, San Antonio Youth Livestock liaison and is very generous with his time and talents for our club. Congratulations Marvin!  I understand it was a great convention.  We had 12 folks attending from our local chapter and all enjoyed the entertainment and fun.


Until next time,

Carilyn John



Southeast Texas ICA Chapter

Hello from Southeast Texas.  It’s been a busy summer already, from recognizing our scholarship recipients to attending the ICA State 48th Annual Convention in San Marcos.  The 2022 SETICA High School Scholarship recipients and their families were recognized during the annual SETICA Workers Appreciation Social hosted by Lounette Thornton.  The SETICA Scholarship recipients are Journey Hamilton and Payton Burleson, both graduates of East Chambers High School.  Hamilton is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Skipper Hamilton and her goal is to be a veterinarian.  Burleson is the daughter of Celia and the late Yale Devillier and her goal is to be a math teacher.  The social was graciously hosted by Thornton and her family at her lovely home in Stowell.  As always everyone who attended enjoyed a delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings.  Thank you to the Thornton Family for opening your home to us again.  I would also like to thank our cooks; James Riley, Allen Peltier, Robert Greb, Lance Coleman and Chuck Kiker for grilling really great steaks and Wayne Williford for the awesome beans and everyone that provided salads and desserts. You are all appreciated and it was all delicious. We may be working, but we always have some fun too. Consider coming out and working with us on a fundraiser and getting involved, we always feed you.

   Then just last week 20 of SETICA members attended the ICA State Convention held in San Marcos.  It was hot and dry while we were there, but I see that area has received some much needed rain since we left.  The headliner speaker this year was Texas Ag Commissioner, Sid Miller.  After our commitment was made an important meeting came up he needed to attend in London.  Instead of just sending someone from his office, which he also did, he spoke to us via zoom.  There were lots of great speakers and panels of speakers that you missed out on if you were not there.  Thursday started out special for one Kiker family. Chase Kiker was awarded the Southeast Texas Chapter 2022 Trailblazer award during our headliner luncheon. Later that evening the fun and excitement really picked up during the auctions, as well as the Drawdown Raffle where 500 tickets had been sold for a chance to win 21 prizes and the grand prize of a Can-Am D9. So when it was announced that Kim and Chuck Kiker had won the 2022 Can-Am, Kiker threw his hat in the air as he ran to the front!  But don’t ask him how many tickets he bought to win that grand prize. Aside from winning prizes, your purchase of a ticket and/or attending the convention, you are supporting an organization that is dedicated to protecting farmers, ranchers, and land owner rights. You can attend all meeting(s) that interest you from cattle industry politics and economics to ranch management, pasture management, pest control and many more subjects.  Now is the time to tell the state office if there is something YOU are interested in learning about and can ask questions from a knowledgeable representative. They are listening. 

   The 31st annual SETICA Drawdown will be held in October and letters will be mailed to past ticket holders soon.  If you are not planning on keeping your ticket this year, please let the committee know, so we can pass the ticket on to someone on the waiting list.

Happy Trails;    Debbie Riley, SETICA secretary


Victoria Crossroads ICA Chapter

The Victoria Crossroads Chapter will be meeting on July 28th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sky Restaurant in Victoria Texas with new president Kyle Motal at the helm. We hope all members and guests will join us to celebrate his inaugural meeting.

The main agenda item during this meeting will be a planning discussion of our upcoming fundraiser. We will also be hosting guest speaker, Dr. Jared Hanselman, D.V.M. from South Texas Large Animal Mobile Veterinary Services. He will address vaccine protocols.

Meals are optional at this meeting. We hope to see you there!


East Texas ICA Chapter

East-Texas I.C.A. Chapter will meet on July 19th, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at the 1855 Restaurant and Saloon in Palestine, Texas. Please note at this meeting we will be offering one (1) CEU Credit on Pest Control and Forages presented by Dr. Vanessa Olson with Texas A&M Agri-Life Research. The ICA State office will be offering a $10.00 discount on members and prospective members dinner plates.

Please RSVP to Kimberly Ratcliff at Kimberly_Ratcliff@Yahoo.com or at (512) 620-0162.



Hello to all ICA members and especially the SCTICA Chapter members. We will have a meeting this summer on August 2, 2022, at the Poth Catholic Church at 6:30 p.m. More info will be shared through the mail.

If you didn’t attend the 2022 ICA Convention then you missed a well-produced event. All of the speakers were great, we had more vendors than previous years and we had a great turnout of members and new members. There was a lot of positive energy.

Cooper Little and his staff get a “Gold Star” for their first convention and for the great, positive response to it. Every speaker mentioned Cooper’s efforts and thanked him for putting together the group of well-versed speakers.

Corbin Wall again attended and helped lead the Q&A session with President Brooke Miller and Lia Biondo of United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA). There was great discussion with feedback from the floor! They are supporting legislature that is currently being addressed and asking for anyone who has ideas to help the cattlemen’s cause to speak up. One statement made that captured everyone’s attention was by Wall, …”cattle business we see now could die by 2026 if something isn’t done. We don’t want to end up like the hog business……” The knowledge shared by these speakers was factual, accurate and,  at times scary.

One of the many highlights was recognizing Bill Hyman. He received an “Honorary Commissioner of Agriculture of Texas” certificate from Deputy Commissioner Jason Fearneyhough. The lunch audience also heard Commissioner Sid Miller speak from London as he was working on a trade deal out of our country.

A special highlight was the SCTICA chapter recognized Bill Hyman as their Top Hand and he was presented a boot jack by President Laurie Miller and Treasurer Brenda Moore. Hugs were exchanged and stories shared of the beginning of the SCTICA chapter, “Bill was a very big part of our chapter getting started in 2005. It was an honor to recognize him and thank him as well as share memories from over 15 years ago,” stated Laurie Miller.


Mid-Tex I.C.A. Chapter is sponsoring a Meet & Greet on July 26th, 2022 at the I.C.A. State Office in Lockhart at 220 W. San Antonio St.  Dr. Bill Selman will be the guest speaker offering an Update on Livestock Antibiotic Law Changes and more.

We invite members and prospects to come and partake in the Meals and Beverages that will be provided. Door prizes and cold beer will also add fun to the evening.

Please RSVP to the ICA State Office by July 20th at 512-620-0162 or email: TICA@ICATexas.com

We look forward to seeing you all there.




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