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ICA News for August 2022

published: August 5th 2022
source: Independent Cattlemen’s Association


Executive VP Report

I pray by the time these words are published some of you have received a little moisture in your country. Resiliency has always been a requirement of the independent producer and seems to be now more than ever. If you are needing to locate hay for purchase, call the ICA state office and we can help connect you with sellers.   

Following a very successful 48th Annual ICA Convention, the ICA state office has continued to build on the momentum of success by completely modernizing the state office in Lockhart. We’ve installed new computer hardware and phone systems with several new features and virtual capabilities allowing state office staff to better serve membership and ICA leadership, as well as connect with each other on a more regular basis.   

I’m also glad to report our ICA Mid-Tex and East Texas Chapters have been fully restored and are now off and running once again. We now have begun a three-phase update of the ICA website and exploring establishing a brand new chapter. Stay tuned and pray for rain.

The ICA state office is a resource to your operation and advocates for the interests of cattle producers.

If you have any questions or would like to become a member, please call the state office at 512-620-0162



President’s Letter

Hello Friends,


It is my honor to be able to serve as the newly elected President of the Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas.

 Ranchers and rural residents are challenged by many more issues than those that are addressed on the nightly news at the National level.  Not only do we have to deal with those, but we also must face, more regulation, higher inputs to try to make a living on shrinking prices and production, not to mention the fact that we are doing so in this extreme drought.  Talk about climate change, we could use some, mainly in the form of RAIN!  It won’t solve everything but it sure would make us all feel better and allow us to keep the faith that we’ll get through.

 It was my pleasure to attend the Mid-Tex Chapter’s re-formation meeting on July 26.  It was a great turnout at the State office in Lockhart with about 40 people in attendance. A light meal was served and our speaker, Dr. Bill Selman, updated the audience on the pending requirements to have a relationship with your local vet so that we can obtain certain drugs that will require prescriptions going forward.  He encouraged everyone to become familiar with the requirements and begin ahead of time to establish that relationship.

 Speaking of this chapter meeting, it is my intention to visit each of our working chapters during the coming months.  I’ve met some of you but would like to meet more.  It is important to me to know your concerns and try to represent those from the State association level.  You all should be commended for the time and effort that you put forth for the betterment of friends, neighbors, and fellow ranchers.  It may not take a village, but I’ll take local ICA chapters working for the common good for our rural values and lifestyles.

Thank you for allowing me serve as ICA President.  We have a great set of officers and Executive Committee members, and we’ll all pull together with your help and input.

 Meanwhile, God bless and pray for RAIN!

Dr. Joe Paschal’s report

New Faces in Texas A&M Extension and Research

At the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center in Corpus Christi we are in the process of hiring or waiting for the arrival of three new Extension specialists to replace those that have moved to new positions. These include a new Agricultural Economist and Range and Wildlife Specialists.

In the case of the agricultural economist position, the new specialist will work with County Extension Agents and producers but also commodity groups to collect and report data on crop and livestock production and losses as well as work in risk management.

Dr. Megan Clayton was our range specialist, but she has transferred to Uvalde. Specialists in that position in the past worked primarily in brush and weed control in pastures and rangelands but Megan also worked with drone technology and educating new landowners. Based on the job description and interviews the new range specialist will likely also have an interest in habitat management and native grass specie restoration as well as brush control.

The wildlife specialist position is new and is charged with working with large ungulates such as white-tailed deer and will include all aspects of their management. When I came here in 1988, we had a wildlife specialist until about 1992 when it was lost due to funding reprioritization so the new specialist will have a wide-open field in which to work. I hope all of the new specialists will have a lot of opportunity to interact with ICA. Please reach out to them.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research Station at Beeville, east of town on US 59, has a new Animal Scientist, Dr. Milt Thomas. Dr. Thomas worked at Beeville in reproductive physiology and later at New Mexico State University and Colorado State University and is very interested in studying the genetic aspects of adaptability in cattle. We all have cows that do better or worse than others in the herd and Milt is interested in understanding the genetics that cause one cow to be more adapted than another. It is an ambitious project, but I know he is up to the task. Go see him the next time you are in town.

There will be one more new Extension hire next year. As of October 31st, after 35.5 years I am going to retire from Extension and go run cows in Washington County. I have always enjoyed working with ICA, County Extension Agents, producers, industry folks, and others but I’m done. I know who ever is selected to replace me, that you will treat them with the respect and kindness you have always shown me. Thank you!


Chapter Happenings

Mid-Tex ICA Chapter News

We’re excited, our Mid-Tex Meet & Greet on July 26th had over 30 attendees and was full of energy. Our meeting began with a light supper in the state office in Lockhart and everyone mingled and met each other. Our ICA Executive Director, Cooper Little, started the meeting for us and introduced, Kerry Wiggins, ICA’s new president. Joe Kelly, a founding ICA member,  was in attendance along with Tommy Jackson, chapter president and Karen Bell, chapter treasurer. Dr. Bill Selman was our guest speaker and he gave all of us valuable information on cattle vaccines and how to obtain them with the new state laws. 

It was enthusiastically approved that our next meeting will be held on Aug. 23, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at Chisholm Trail BBQ, Lockhart, Texas, which is our former venue. We look forward to this second meeting to vote on officers and committee members to help us invigorate our chapter.

Respectfully submitted by Karen Bell


South Central Texas ICA Chapter News

South Central Texas ICA (SCTICA) had a member meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Poth, Texas. The speaker was Samantha Shannon, county Extension agent and the topic was “Handling Cattle during a Drought” and one CEU was issued.

Information was also shared about the ICA Convention in June and those winning prizes during the ICA Draw Down Raffle were awarded their charcuterie boards at the meeting.


If you didn’t attend the 2022 ICA Convention then you missed a well produced event. All of the speakers were great, we had more vendors than previous years and we had a great turnout of members and new members. There was a lot of positive energy.

Cooper Little and his staff get a “Gold Star” for their first convention and for the great, positive response to it. Every speaker mentioned Cooper’s efforts and thanked him for putting together the group of well-versed speakers.

Corbin Wall again attended and helped lead the Q&A session with President Brooke Miller and Lia Biondo of United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA). There was great discussion with feedback from the floor! They are supporting legislature that is currently being addressed and asking for anyone who has ideas to help the cattlemen’s cause to speak up. One statement made that captured everyone’s attention was by Wall, …”cattle business we see now could die by 2026 if something isn’t done. We don’t want to end up like the hog business……” The knowledge shared by these speakers was factual, accurate and,  at times scary.

One of the many highlights was recognizing Bill Hyman. He received an “Honorary Commissioner of Agriculture of Texas” certificate from Deputy Commissioner Jason Fearneyhough. The lunch audience also heard Commissioner Sid Miller speak from London as he was working on a trade deal out of our country.

A special highlight was the SCTICA chapter recognized Bill Hyman as their Top Hand and he was presented a boot jack by President Laurie Miller and Treasurer Brenda Moore. Hugs were exchanged and stories shared of the beginning of the SCTICA chapter, “Bill was a very big part of our chapter getting started in 2005. It was an honor to recognize him and thank him as well as share memories from over 15 years ago,” stated Laurie Miller.


The next SCTICA meeting will be the annual SCTICA Windy Miller Team Roping to be held on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022, at Jourdanton Cowboy Fellowship. More information will be posted before the event.  

 Happy Trails, Laurie Miller



East Texas Chapter News


          The East Texas Chapter of Independent Cattlemen’s Association met on July 19th at the 1855 Restaurant in Palestine. We were please to assemble 36 producers in collaboration with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, who also provided our guest speaker, Dr. Vanessa Olson. One CEU credit was earned in pest control and forages. Also, we welcomed 11 new members who, we hope will be motivated to participate in our future activities and keep our momentum going. In other business, members voted to meet every other month going forward.  

           The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept.20th at 6:30 p.m. at the 1855 Restaurant. The agenda will include the election of officers and other committee chairpersons.



Colorado Valley Chapter News




      The Colorado Valley Independent Cattlemen's Association (CVICA) fundraiser is being held on Thursday, Aug. 18th, at the La Grange KC Hall located at 190 S. Brown Street, LaGrange.  The meal consists of chicken fried steak with brown gravy, buttered noodles, green beans, corn and a roll.  Drive thru plates to go will be served from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Plates are $12.  Proceeds will go towards awarding scholarships to graduating students in Fayette, Lee and Colorado counties.  Call the KC Hall at 979-968-5117 to reserve your plates.





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