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Executive Director’s Report

published: August 6th 2021
by: Bill Hyman
source: ICA Of Texas

Thanks to rainfall across the state, almost every area has had sufficient rain. West and parts of North Texas still need moisture but the rest of Texas is perfect. Every-where you go we are seeing hay balers hard at work. Cattle prices are better and U.S. beef demand is excellent. Personally, I’ve never seen grass this green in August. Maybe now we can start restocking.
    Whitetail deer breeders, who normally sell and transport their deer to high fence ranches at this time of year, are now having to live test 100% of the deer they sell or transport. Most of these breeders have been in compliance with Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Animal Health regulations for many years. Now in June, they were notified that every deer that is transported to a new location must be tranquilized and live tested for chronic wasting disease (CWD) prior to movement. Since the bucks are in velvet and temperatures are hot, this procedure will be extremely hard on the deer and could not have been done at a worse time.  Mortality will be high and injuries will be more prevalent than usual. Veterinari-ans and CWD testing technicians are in short supply as breeders race to comply with the new rules by the Sept. 1 movement deadline. Remember, Parks and Wildlife considers the captive deer to be property of the state so there is no financial help for testing costs, deaths, or injuries that accompany the new rule.
    It seems that based on the large sums of money and time that the deer breeders have invested for many years, they should have some say in the new regulation that was sprung on them in June, 2021. Hopefully, after testing results are in this year the CWD hysteria will go away and the emergency rule hardships will be long gone.

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