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Executive Director’s Report

published: October 30th 2020
by: Bill Hyman

Trump/Pence or Biden /Harris, hopefully this election will be over soon. No matter who wins, we all continue to work and continue to ranch. Soon we will know who our Texas Legis-lators are and who will control our Texas House and Senate. In January, the House members will elect a Speaker and the Lt. Gover-nor and the Speaker will appoint committees. We will discover if our rural friendly members, in the past, are still in office or if we will have to make new friends.
    Our legislative expert, Bob Turner will be super busy visiting each office to congratulate old friends and to begin the task of educating new members. Each session Turner and I spend time with the new members, making them aware of why agriculture means so much to the citizens of Texas. This session we will be discussing and cussing property rights bills, our fake meat bills and every bill that affects agriculture. We will go over at least 6,000  new bills to determine how they affect agriculture, private property and our rural way of life. We will speak against new taxes and fees. We will support open space valuations and agriculture sales tax exemptions. Basically, we will ask to be left alone for the most part. Of course, the animal rights groups will be there to impose more of their mixed up ideas.
    This session will be mostly about the budget shortfall and how to find new dollars for the ever growing population in our state. Education, health care and public safety will be the main focal points. Oil and gas income along with sales tax revenue is down and some legislators still will be searching for more dollars. There will be increased emphasis on raising fees for licenses and permits.  We will be there asking for status quo for agriculture.
    Later in the session our officers and directors will be in Austin to talk to our legislators and testify on bills that are ag related.  I won’t say we are going to war, but this session will certainly feel like we are in a battle to make sure our members are treated fairly.

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