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Executive Director’s Report

published: October 2nd 2020
by: Bill Hyman
source: ICA Of Texas

Soon, we will be sending out letters asking for donations to the 2020 ICA Cattle Drive. These donations additionally fund our legislative efforts during the 2021 Texas Legislative Session beginning in Jan-uary. As our legislative consultant, Bob Turner, has said, this session will be all about taxes, fees and cost recovery for ongoing state programs. We realize balancing the state budget will be tough with decreased state revenue from oil and gas, along with less sales tax income. We need to make sure that only the minimum amount to balance the budget is enacted. We need to protect the agriculture sales tax exemptions and the open space evaluations we deserve. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if both of these were eliminated, there would be a surplus of income to the state. Your ICA staff and officers will be in Austin starting in January to make sure agriculture and private property don’t become the new “cash cow” for needed funding.
    ICA, along with other agricultural groups, will be fighting this session to pass a bill eliminating the fake meat companies from advertising and labeling their meatless products as meat, beef, chicken, pork, etc. This bill was passed by the Texas Senate last session but stalled in the House due to some last minute political maneuvering caused by a large investor in one of the fake meat companies. This session, we have all of the meat industry groups joined together and we have renewed hope of passage.
    We were all thankful that the last hurricane missed most of Texas. ICA donated funds to relief efforts in far East Texas and Louisiana. Hopefully, those folks will be able to regroup and continue their ranching operations. It is difficult to assess the damage there because after about two days of headlines the news media leaves and cranks up on the next calamity.
    We continue to update the website and try to keep our e-blasts depicting the most relevant and up to date news. If you have suggestions or question, please let us know your thoughts.

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