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Executive Director’s Report

published: April 3rd 2020
by: Bill Hyman
source: ICA Of Texas

California’s new agriculture law “Proposition 12” is about as dumb as it gets. After running the commercial egg industry out of their state (laying hens cannot be in cages but must have the ability to roam free), this new rule also does not allow any veal or pork products to be sold there from out of state that do not meet the so-called space requirements set in California. I won’t go into the spacing requirements for sows and veal calves, but they are not the industry standard.
    When you read this your first thought is ‘well, I don’t raise pork or eggs or veal’. The big problem is that another state is telling U.S. producers how they must farm and ranch. You can bet they will soon ban all animals and poultry that are raised in confinement. As of now, at least 12 state attorney generals have entered into a lawsuit to stop Proposition 12. PETA and HSUS are licking their chops over Proposition 12 and the doors that it will open for so-called animal welfare regulations in other states.
    If you don’t think this can happen, try to sell an old or crippled horse. They have taken the use of antibiotics out of our hands already and will soon be taking more of our agriculture freedoms from us. Practices that we now consider to be normal such as vaccination, castration and dehorning are certainly on their agenda. They are already telling the public that dairy cows are subjected to cruel punishment by having to be milked daily. The halting of the fact that we end the life of a living creature to produce meat and poultry products is the final icing on their vegan-like agenda.
    How do we curb this taking of our private property rights and our freedom to farm and ranch? We vote, we support our candidates and we join and support organizations that think as we do. If you have been an ICA member, rejoin. If you are not a member join today. We need your support because without numbers and a strong advocate, we will be running petting zoos shortly.

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