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Executive Director’s Report

published: February 20th 2020
by: Bill Hyman
source: ICA Of Texas

We all hope that when we are unable to tend to our cattle, our children will take our place. We have tried to show them how we do things, so they will know what to do when it is their time. That is great.  We also need them to understand the economic and political climate we endure. Global warming, animal rights, environmental agendas and urban sprawl are all issues that we face. Ranching has changed as we have had to adapt to the mindset of the consumer. Today we are limited to the medicines we have available and the way we managed our ranches and livestock. The use of feed additives and hormones is almost non-existent. We now work our livestock in gentle manner, no more rodeos. We constantly look for ways to add value to our operations in order to survive. We face threats from animal rights terrorists (calling themselves animal rights activists). We have an urban controlled legislative body in Austin and in Washington. We now safe guard our farms and ranches to avoid foreign diseases and parasites which are introduced into our country on a daily basis. Each year there are fewer and fewer markets for our calves, as the large packers continue to gain more control of our market prices.
    What can we do to hedge our future? Of course you know that your agriculture associations are working harder than ever to maintain rural way of life. We, as ranchers, must do more, as there are less of us each year. We must educate our children as they will someday be the gate keepers of our farms and ranches. Tell them all you know about the issues and ask them to join the associations that are representing their future. If they hesitate to join, do it for them. Then, they will have a chance to hopefully understand why ranchers and farmers are uniting to have a strong voice for our future. Don’t let our children be swayed by the ‘animal rights-fake meat’ agenda that has recently taken hold in our country. If we do not get them involved now and educate them, then the future will be disturbing. Sign them up today and we will do our best to make sure they understand why you have the ICA sticker on your car and truck.

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