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Executive Director’s Report

published: January 10th 2020
by: Bill Hyman
source: ICA Of Texas

Hopefully, 2020 will bring changes. Plentiful rain, higher market prices and mild weather would be perfect. No damaging hurricanes or droughts would be a welcome addition for the year, also. With the trade deliberations with China back on track, the expected increase in the amount of exported U.S. beef should help our cattle prices.
    Now that the cattle numbers are somewhat stable in the U.S. and along with a drought and fires in Australia, this might be the perfect arena for a significant increase in beef demand from the Far East.         As our ranchers and feeders reduce antibiotic use throughout the industry, the European markets are a distinct possibility for increased beef demand. I guess you could say the prospects for higher market prices in 2020 should become a reality this year.
    Recently, we were saddened by the death of A.L. “Windy” Miller of Flores-ville. He was the driving force in the establishment of our South Central Texas ICA Chapter. When we first met to form the group he took charge from the beginning and got it done. In the past Miller served as chapter president, state director, state director emeritus and past state vice-president.                 He was a quiet man but could always be counted on to get the job done right. Miller was a leader who believed in ICA and always stood with the cattleman. Whenever ICA asked for help, he was always there to lend a hand. Our prayers go out to Laurie, his wife, and their loving family. Have a good ride old partner, we will all miss you.

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