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Executive Director’s Report

published: June 14th 2019
by: Bill Hyman

The 2019 Independent Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) State Convention is now over. We had a great time. A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended and especially for those who helped make it great. The Drawdown Raffle was a success and James and Debbie Reilly of Winnie/Stowell were the lucky winners of the CanAm Defender and utility trailer. All of the presentations were well attended and the live auction was a super event with over $19,000 raised and almost $4,000 dedicated to the Stephanie Sklar Scholar-ship Fund. If you could not attend this year, we will be back in San Marcos again next year due to a cancellation of our Conroe destination. We will have new subjects, new speakers and a brand new theme.
    The legislative session was good and bad. The good part was that there were no bills passed that adversely affected agriculture. The bad part was the defeat of SB 421, the Eminent Domain bill that was held hostage in the House Committee by the oil and gas industry. Both of our other two bills, our meat labeling (“fake meat”) bill and our agriculture (bio-secure) area trespassing bill met with defeat. All three of these good bills made it through to the end of the session, but all died at the last. We still are not done and we will work hard once again next session to introduce these bills and get them passed. With a largely urban controlled legislature it will be a battle, but we aren’t giving up. Hopefully, we can use the time between now and the next session to educate our urban friends.
    It will be extremely important for ICA and other agriculture organizations to gain membership and be able to present a strong voice in the Texas Chambers. Remember, we own 90% of the land in Texas, but only elect 10% of the Texas House and Senate. In the future our percentages will only diminish. Remind your friends and neighbors to join ICA and help us work for them.


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