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Executive Director’s Report...

published: February 17th 2017
by: Bill Hyman
source: ICA of Texas
The fever tick battle in South Texas continues. Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) personnel, along with United States Department of Agriculture staff, are working non-stop to identify and contain the dreaded tick in the Live Oak county area. In addition, the job of locating and inspecting cattle previously moved out of that area continues in over 35 counties stretching from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley. This new threat to the entire Texas beef industry is costing the TAHC funds that were not included in the current budget. In order to control and to complete eradication of the tick in the new areas, the TAHC is going to need in excess of 10 million dollars in additional state funds. At a time when lawmakers are whittling down the state budget for the next two years, the pros-pects of receiving the proper funding is a huge hill to climb. 
If the ticks are not controlled and in time, eradicated, ranchers could face a situation where all Texas cattle being moved out of state would have to be sprayed or dipped and it could be possible for other states to block the entry of our cattle. The threat of the ticks spreading babebiosis and killing cattle nationwide is too great of a disaster to fathom. 
ICA is asking our elected officials to increase funding for the TAHC. We need our members to contact their state representatives and senators and let them know the Texas beef industry is at risk and to please vote to increase funding for the TAHC. 

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