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Test for Simbrah bulls starts this fall

published: May 20th 2016
source: American Simbrah Breeders
The Simbrah Breeders Council (SBC) is very excited to announce that in cooperation with the Ge-netic Development Center (GDC), Navasota, Texas, Simbrah bulls will be added to their all breed test scheduled for this fall. Informa-tion from the Simbrahs will be provided to the Ameri-can Simmental Association (ASA), including feed intake and will be part of the ASA’s growing database.
GDC has very desirable facilities and is one of only four publicly accessible GrowSafe systems bull tests in the United States. The GrowSafe system allows for dozens of animals in a single gain test pen to all be all eating out of the same feed troughs, while still being able to measure individual intake. The feed intake information gathered in the testing of Simbrah bulls will be submitted to the ASA for their feed intake data collection project.
“The collection of feed intake on individual animals is critical in our quest to make more profitable cattle. By collecting intake data we improve our ability to improve feed efficiency in two ways: 1) records on progeny will identify superior sires and 2) we can leverage the resulting intake data to expand our capacity to predict intake via DNA,” explains Dr. Wade Shafer, ASA executive vice-president.
“We hope all Simbrah breeders will consider participating in this and other tests at GDC as we have a real opportunity to learn more about our genetic lines, improve our herds and provide additional data to commercial cattlemen. In addition, this will be an opportunity to market the breed to the commercial industry. Bulls that meet the sale requirements can enter the post test sale,” remarks Wayne Reavis, SBC president.
The schedule and entry requirements for the fall test includes:
• Arrival dates-Novem-ber 2-4, 2016
• Bulls are required to have TB, Brucellosis and BVD testing prior to entry and unloading
• Eligible calving dates-December 1 2015-March 15, 2016
• Test Ends-March 14
The cost of the test is scheduled to be $865 per bull and can be paid in four equal monthly payments. The price includes:
• Booster vaccinations, tagging, weighing, EID tags and equipment
• Free choice feed
• Monthly performance reports to producers, yearling measurements including carcass ultrasound data, hip-height upon request, scrotal circumference mea-surement and fertility exams.
•Final report will in-clude individual animal weight, average daily gain, daily feed intake, residual feed intake index, feed conversion ratio, carcass measurements, fertility results.
• Price does not include any medicine treatment.
There will be a sale after the conclusion of the test for bulls that meet the sale requirements.
There is also a summer test. If you are interested, the deadline is May 25th. 7N Ranch, Reavis Farms, Smith Gene-tics and Triple J/Carpenter/Tortorici Ranch have bulls entering the summer test.
For additional information on the summer and/or fall test, contact Luke Bradford, GDC beef programs coordinator. You may also visit their website www.geneticdevelopmentcenter.com to learn more about GDC, their facility, the GrowSafe system and their services. Continue to watch Simbrah News and check the website, www. simbrahworld.com for ad-ditional information on the test.

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