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Six ASA Trustees positions open

published: September 22nd 2017
A total of six trustee positions with the Ameri-can Simmental Association (ASA) are open in all four regions as follows: 
Eastern Area (two seats): Brian DeFreese, West Point, Indiana, (not eligible for re-election, but can serve an additional year as immediate past chairman); Barry Wesner, Chalmers, Indiana, (eligible for re-election). Board nominee for the second available seat is Fred Smith, North Carolina.
North Central (one seat): Claye Kaelberer, New Salem, North Dakota (eligible for re-election).  
South Central (two seats): Fred Schuetze, Granbury, Texas (eligible for re-election); Jon Willis, Marietta, Oklahoma (not eligible for re-election).  Board nominee for the second available seat is  Chuck Miller, Missouri.
Western (one seat): Michael Forman, Ellens-burg, Washington (eligible for re-election). 
ASA Rules and Bylaws provide that if a trustee serves as chairman of the board during the final year of the second term, that trustee will be able to serve an additional year as a voting member of the board. Thus, Brian DeFreese, as outgoing chairman, qualifies to serve an additional year on the board. 
Election timetable
Sept. 15: Write-in ballots for Trustee nominations had to be mailed and posted on-line. 
Oct. 16: Deadline for write-in ballots to reach ASA Chairman of the Tellers. 
Nov. 15: Trustee election ballots mailed and posted on-line.  
Dec. 15: Deadline for trustee ballots to reach ASA Chairman of the Tellers; Call to Meeting mailed and posted on-line, including ballots, for any rules/bylaw changes. 
Jan. 5: Deadline for rule/bylaw change ballots to reach ASA Chairman of the Tellers. 
Jan. 14: 50th ASA Annual Meeting.

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