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The Articles page is a treasure of archived information on topics such as animal health, beef cattle industry news, artificial insemination, pastures, forages, rangeland, livestock feed & nutrition, livestock can cattle reproduction, beef cattle genetics, cattle production, feature stories, and the latest on cattle breed news.

Industry News

Cattleman’s Spring Clinic set for Feb. 27 in Lampasas

published: February 21st 2014

    LAMPASAS – The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will conduct the Cattleman’s Spring Clinic from 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Feb. 27 at the Lampasas County Farm Bureau Building, 1793 N....


Record For Exports Hit In 2013

published: February 20th 2014 source: Beef Checkoff

Exports of U.S. beef closed 2013 by eclipsing the $6 billion mark for the first time, setting a new annual value record. At the same time, pork exports declined below 2012’s record highs while lamb sales rose in value on lower volumes according to statistics released by the USDA and compiled by the U....

Industry News

A Farmer’s Challenge To Chipotle

published: February 19th 2014 by: Ryan Goodman

  Editors Note: Ryan Goodman has been involved in agriculture all of his life, working on ranches across the country, as well as studying cattle nutrition and reproduction at the college levels....

Industry News

Meat Labeling Terms--What Do They Mean?

published: February 18th 2014 by: Lindsay Chichester source: University of Nebraska Extension

This is Part 1 of a three part series what will provide information on meat labeling terms. Meat is a nutrient dense food product. Specifically, beef is a good source of protein, zinc, B vitamins, iron, and other essential nutrients! (Beef Nutrition, 2007)....

Herd Health

New Beef Health Publications Available

published: February 17th 2014 source: Iowa State Extension

Three new beef health-related publications are now available through the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach online store. Iowa State Extension beef veterinarian Grant Dewell authored the publications and said each addresses a specific concern....

Herd Health

Treating Cattle For Parasites

published: February 13th 2014 by: Todd Vineyard source: Texas Extension

Over the past 20-35 years, trials in Texas beef herds have demonstrated that treating nursing calves and the dams for internal parasites increases weaning weights. Most of the trials were conducted in spring calving herds in Central Texas....

Industry News

West Texas Clones Carcasses

published: February 12th 2014 source: BioNewsTexas

Cattle ranchers may one day be able to reliably raise cattle that produce Prime Yield Grade 1 carcasses by using technology developed at West Texas A&M University. During the recent Range Beef Cow Symposium, Dean Hawkins from West Texas A&M presented a new cloning methodology that has the potential to increase the population of prime beef over its current 0....

Industry News

Obama Proposes Climate Hubs

published: February 11th 2014 by: Jeremy Hobson source: WBUR

The Obama administration is proposing today to create seven regional “climate hubs” with the goal of helping farmers and rural communities combat the most serious effects of climate change: drought, floods, pests and fires....

Industry News

Former TSCRA President Bob McCan Elected NCBA President

published: February 10th 2014 source: TSCRA

Fort Worth, Texas – Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Past President Bob McCan, Victoria, was elected to serve as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President last week during the association’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee....

Industry News

Expect Beef Plant Closings

published: February 7th 2014 by: Theopolis Waters source: Reuters

(Reuters) - Up to three more U.S. beef packing plants could close in the next two years as the industry grapples with surplus packing capacity while ranchers try to rebuild the country's smallest herd in 63 years, a leading cattle analyst said on Thursday....

Herd Health

Naval infections can be costly and even deadly

published: February 7th 2014 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

Naval infections in newborn calves are costly in terms of health,  productivity, time and can even lead to liver abscesses, permanent crippling or death. Infections affect the umbilicus or navel, as it takes 7-10 days for the umbilical stump to dry up, and most calves are affected at less than one week of age....


Just Your Standard Bull

published: February 7th 2014 by: Michael Sturgess

Today is Tuesday, February 04, 2014—a day that the Senate finally passes the new 5-year Farm bill. I emphasize the word “finally” because it only took Congress three years to get it done....


Texas Tales

published: February 7th 2014 by: Mike Cox

When you’re standing on a suspension bridge and the span begins to bounce as a car starts across, it may be necessary to suspend an instinctive urge to run. This is especially true with the Regency Bridge, which crosses the Colorado River 23 miles from Goldwaithe to link Mills and San Saba counties....


D.C. News...

published: February 7th 2014 by: Erik Wasson and Ramsey Cox source: The Hill

Senate advances farm bill The Senate voted to end debate Monday, February 3rd  on a $956 billion farm bill, clearing its way to President Obama’s desk after three years of struggles. The Senate voted 72-22 to end debate and proceed on the five-year bill, which authorizes agriculture subsidies and food stamps....

Pastures & Forages

Scouting for freeze injury to bermudagrass forage

published: February 7th 2014 by: John Jennings source: Extension Forages with Univesity of Arkansas

It has been some time since winter temperatures were cold enough to cause concern for injury to bermudagrass pastures and hay fields, but this winter’s weather is in that category. Cold injury to bermudagrass is hard to predict because soil moisture and snow cover interact with temperature to increase or reduce cold injury....


Economist: Beef cattle prices poised to continue record run

published: February 7th 2014 by: Blair Fannin

MILANO – For beef cattle prices to continue their record run, the 2014 U.S. corn crop will have to produce record yields, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economist. That aside, the 2014 beef cattle market outlook is poised for another historic run as lack of supply will continue to fetch strong bids on calves....


Executive Director’s Report...

published: February 7th 2014 by: Bill Hyman source: ICA of Texas

I recently was asked to speak to the League of Women Voters of Canyon Lake at the new library near Sattler. I was hesitant to schedule this appearance because I was worried about having to sit down with a bunch of anti-agriculture types....


Chapter Happenings Around The Lone Star State

published: February 7th 2014 source: ICA of Texas

Chapter Happenings East Texas ICA By Nyanza Price The ETICA had its January meeting at the Beijing Dynasty restaurant in Palestine, Texas.  The meal was funded by Animal Health Interna-tional....


President’s Address

published: February 7th 2014 by: Phil Sadler source: ICA of Texas

Hopefully by the time this goes to print, the new Farm Bill will have been approved by both Con-gressional bodies and on its way to the president for his signature.  The new bill has worked its way through house and senate conference committees and has received house approval....

Herd Health

TAHC adopts cattle rules for Animal Disease Traceability, Trichomoniasis and Fever Tick Programs

published: February 7th 2014 source: TAHC

AUSTIN - The Texas Animal Health Commis-sion (TAHC) recently held a regularly scheduled Commission meeting on January 14, 2014, at its Austin office. The following cattle rules were adopted during the Commission meeting and went into effect on Tuesday, February 4, 2014: • Chapter 50, Animal Disease Traceability, Cattle Identification: This amendment establishes identification requirements for adult cattle being sold within the state of Texas....

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