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The Articles page is a treasure of archived information on topics such as animal health, beef cattle industry news, artificial insemination, pastures, forages, rangeland, livestock feed & nutrition, livestock can cattle reproduction, beef cattle genetics, cattle production, feature stories, and the latest on cattle breed news.

Industry News

Western Ag Reporter Launches #FairCattleMarkets Campaign Set to start Sept. 23rd

published: September 19th 2019 source: Western Ag Reporter

(BILLINGS, MONTANA) – On behalf of cow-calf producers and independent cattle feeders nationwide, Western Ag Reporter is launching a Twitter campaign asking President Donald Trump for assistance in rebalancing the cattle markets....


The impact of basis in fed cattle

published: September 18th 2019 by: Josh Maples, Assistant Professor & E source: Mississippi State University

A relationship sometimes overlooked but important to the flow of cattle is the difference between the cash and futures price or the basis. For example, at the end of last week, the 5-area weekly weighted average cash price for all grades of live steers was $101....

Industry News

Range management workshop set Oct. 2 in Menard

published: September 17th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

MENARD — The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will offer a range management workshop Oct. 2 in partnership with the Soil and Water Conservation District, SWCD, of Menard County....

Industry News

Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV) in Texas Situational Update

published: September 16th 2019 source: Texas Animal Health Commission

AUSTIN – Since Friday, September 6, 2019, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has received a report of 1 new suspect vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) case in Ellis County....

Industry News

Trucking cattle considerations

published: September 13th 2019 by: Steve Boyles source: The Ohio State University Extension

Handle/transport all cattle in such a fashion to minimize stress, injury, and bruising. Use vehicles to transport cattle that provide for the safety of personnel and cattle during loading, transporting, and unloading....

Industry News

USDA Resources Available for Farmers Hurt by 2018, 2019 Disasters

published: September 12th 2019 source: USDA


Industry News

Central Texas hay production workshop set Oct. 17

published: September 11th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

BURNET — The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will hold a Central Texas hay production workshop on Oct. 17 in Burnet.  The workshop will be at the AgriLife Extension office of Burnet County, 607 N....


Backgrounding; A Phase of Growing Calves in Preparation for the Feedlot

published: September 10th 2019 by: Steve Boyles source: The Ohio State University Extension

Backgrounding is a term used to describe a phase of growing calves being prepared for feedlot placement. As compared to wintering programs, backgrounding emphasizes a faster rate of gain, with relatively more grain and less roughage....


Management considerations for backgrounding calves

published: September 10th 2019 by: Steve Boyles source: The Ohio State University Extension

  Backgrounding is the growing of steers and heifers from weaning until they enter the feedlot for finishing.  Backgrounding and Stocker cattle are similar although backgrounding is sometimes associated with a drylot, and stockering cattle is thought of as pasture-based system....

Industry News

Throughout the world, convenience stores are a rapidly growing venue for U.S. red meat

published: September 9th 2019 source: USMEF

The desire for work-life balance and pre-packaged meals requiring little or no kitchen time is leading consumers around the world to a surprising new destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner: the neighborhood convenience store....

Pastures & Forages

Texas forage producers should beware of fall armyworms

published: September 6th 2019 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

  OVERTON – Texas hay and forage producers should be prepared to protect their pastures from fall armyworms, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. In large numbers, fall armyworms can be devastating to hayfields and pastures due to their appetite for green grass crops....

Industry News

Today’s youth train to become tomorrow’s beef cattle producers

published: September 6th 2019 by: Laura Muntean

COLLEGE STATION — The youth track for the 2019 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course, held recently in College Station, gave real-world experience, hours of education and a beef quality assurance certification to 30 youth interested in expanding their beef cattle knowledge....


Just Your Standard Bull...

published: September 6th 2019 by: Michael Sturgess

At this year’s Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I’ll explain further. Most years, I spend my time in our booth visiting with customers, current clients and business associates from around the industry....


Texas Tales

published: September 6th 2019 by: Mike Cox

It’s time to confess.     No, I haven’t killed anyone. Worse than that. Though words are hardly adequate to describe the calamitous event that darkened my 16th birthday, here’s the sad tale, with a parallel telling of another Texas teenager’s learning experience in an earlier era....


D.C. News...

published: September 6th 2019

Secretary Perdue asks Packers and Stockyards to investigate recent beef pricing margins Washington, D.C.--U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue issued the following statement re-garding the beef processing facility in Holcomb, Kan-sas:     “As part of our continued efforts to monitor the impact of the fire at the beef processing facility in Holcomb, Kansas, I have directed USDA’s Packers and Stockyards Division to launch an investigation into recent beef pricing margins to determine if there is any evidence of price manipulation, collusion, restrictions of competition or other unfair practices....

Industry News

Sheepdog trials, archery contest and college fair join the SFT schedule in 2019

published: September 6th 2019 by: Lesli Sharp

Each year, The State Fair of Texas® (SFT) looks for new ways to educate and engage with the over two million fairgoers annually. With their mission built upon agriculture, education and community involvement, there are always new events, competitions and activities for the public to attend and participate in....


Executive Director’s Report

published: September 6th 2019 by: Bill Hyman source: ICA Of Texas

The 2019 ICA Fall Bull and Female Sale is set for Friday, Oct. 18 in Gonzales at the J.B. Wells Park. Consignments are still being accepted for females. The bull consignments are full and we should have over 60 bulls to choose from at the sale....


Hot Topics

published: September 6th 2019 by: Dr. Joe C. Paschal source: ICA Of Texas

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure to speak at several Independent Cattlemen’s Association chapter meetings and this year is no exception.     This past week, I was asked to speak at the Crossroads ICA Chapter in Victoria by Wayne Dier-lam, which was well attended by many old friends and their families....


President’s Address

published: September 6th 2019 by: Chloe Wilson source: ICA Of Texas

How do you pregnancy check your cattle? For as long as I can remember, we have had our trusted veterinarian hand palpate our heifers and cows. He knows our operation and what we look for in females. He has a lot of power, literally, in the palm of his hand....


Chapter Happenings Around The Lone Star State

published: September 6th 2019 source: ICA Of Texas

Colorado Valley ICA By Les Mallory CVICA’s Cookin’ Cattlemen serve lunch at event     Under the direction of Ron Denham, the Cookin’ Cattlemen of the Colorado Valley Independent Cat-tlemen’s Association (CVI CA) cooked and served lunch at the Fayette Co....

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