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The Articles page is a treasure of archived information on topics such as animal health, beef cattle industry news, artificial insemination, pastures, forages, rangeland, livestock feed & nutrition, livestock can cattle reproduction, beef cattle genetics, cattle production, feature stories, and the latest on cattle breed news.

Industry News

Private water well screening set for Oct. 15 in Orange

published: October 10th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

The Texas Well Owner Network, or TWON, is hosting a water well screening Oct. 15 in Orange to give area residents whose water wells flooded from the recent rains the opportunity to have their well water screened....

Herd Health

Remove the net wrap on your hay

published: October 8th 2019 source: North Dakota Extension

Producers should remove net wrap before feeding forages to their livestock. Cattle may eat the net wrap if it’s not removed. Eating excessive amounts of net wrap can result in livestock illness and deaths....

Industry News

Things you need to know about wild pigs

published: October 7th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

  Whether you refer to them as feral hogs or wild pigs, Sus scrofa is a species that is negatively impacting nearly every part of Texas.  Not only do wild pigs wreak havoc on pastures, fields and golf courses alike, they contaminate our water sources and destroy native species....

Industry News

A conversation about recent findings regarding red meat consumption

published: October 4th 2019 by: Katherine Hancock source: Texas AgriLife Today

On Sept. 30 a series of systematic reviews that used a higher standard of evidence announced a recommendation that for most people, reducing red and processed meat consumption by three servings weekly would have little to no impact on their health....


USDA Cattle on Feed Report for September released

published: October 3rd 2019 by: Stephen R. Koontz source: The Ohio State University Extension

The USDA NASS Cattle on Feed report for September was released last Friday. My take on the report is that it is reasonably bullish. The fear and panic that impact cattle markets after the news of the fire at, and temporary closure of, the Tyson Finney County Plant has not much abated over the past 6 weeks....

Herd Health

Texas A&M AgriLife joins effort to digitize North American parasite collections

published: October 2nd 2019 by: Katherine Hancock source: Texas AgriLife Today

Parasites are more than just bites and stings – as vectors of diseases like malaria, Lyme disease and West Nile Virus, they play important roles in human, wildlife and livestock health. A new initiative created by the National Science Foundation will collect “big data” to better understand the behaviors of parasites in North America, and now Texas A&M AgriLife has joined this effort....

Industry News

Hill Country Cattlemen’s Conference set Oct. 16

published: October 1st 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

  SAN SABA — The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will be holding the Hill Country Cattlemen’s Conference on Oct. 16.  The multi-county event will begin at 9 a....


Cattle handling and bruises

published: September 26th 2019 by: Steve Boyles source: The Ohio State University Extension

Utilization of proper cattle handling is key. It can eliminate carcass bruising and the presence of dark cutters. Although the industry has observed a decrease in the presence of carcass bruising according to the 2016 National Beef Quality Audit results, the “2016 Lost Opportunities in Beef Production” publication indicated that carcass bruising cost the industry approximately $62....

Industry News

Hemp to highlight Nov. 5 conference in Wichita Falls

published: September 25th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

  VERNON – A Rolling Plains Industrial Hemp Conference will be held Nov. 5 by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at the Sikes Lake Center at Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls....

Industry News

Water wells need to be tested after flood

published: September 24th 2019 by: Susan Himes source: Texas AgriLife Today

COLLEGE STATION — Private water well owners whose wells flooded during Tropical Depression Imelda should assume that their well water is contaminated until tested, said Diane Boellstorff, Ph.D., Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service water resource specialist....

Herd Health

Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV) in Texas Situational Update

published: September 23rd 2019 source: Texas Animal Health Commission

Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV) in Texas Situational Update No. 11 AUSTIN – Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) officials have released all premises quarantined for Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV)....

Industry News

Former Agriculture Secretaries Announce Support for USMCA

published: September 20th 2019 source: USDA

(Washington, D....

Industry News

Western Ag Reporter Launches #FairCattleMarkets Campaign Set to start Sept. 23rd

published: September 19th 2019 source: Western Ag Reporter

(BILLINGS, MONTANA) – On behalf of cow-calf producers and independent cattle feeders nationwide, Western Ag Reporter is launching a Twitter campaign asking President Donald Trump for assistance in rebalancing the cattle markets....


The impact of basis in fed cattle

published: September 18th 2019 by: Josh Maples, Assistant Professor & E source: Mississippi State University

A relationship sometimes overlooked but important to the flow of cattle is the difference between the cash and futures price or the basis. For example, at the end of last week, the 5-area weekly weighted average cash price for all grades of live steers was $101....

Industry News

Range management workshop set Oct. 2 in Menard

published: September 17th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

MENARD — The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will offer a range management workshop Oct. 2 in partnership with the Soil and Water Conservation District, SWCD, of Menard County....

Herd Health

Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV) in Texas Situational Update

published: September 16th 2019 source: Texas Animal Health Commission

AUSTIN – Since Friday, September 6, 2019, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has received a report of 1 new suspect vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) case in Ellis County....

Industry News

Trucking cattle considerations

published: September 13th 2019 by: Steve Boyles source: The Ohio State University Extension

Handle/transport all cattle in such a fashion to minimize stress, injury, and bruising. Use vehicles to transport cattle that provide for the safety of personnel and cattle during loading, transporting, and unloading....

Industry News

USDA Resources Available for Farmers Hurt by 2018, 2019 Disasters

published: September 12th 2019 source: USDA


Industry News

Central Texas hay production workshop set Oct. 17

published: September 11th 2019 source: Texas AgriLife Today

BURNET — The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will hold a Central Texas hay production workshop on Oct. 17 in Burnet.  The workshop will be at the AgriLife Extension office of Burnet County, 607 N....

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